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paying taxes which are the law by the irs making transactions of a thousand dollars or more remember this applies to taxi drivers or anybody. i could give you some more if you are interested >> thank you. next speaker, please and a (calling names). >> herbert senior citizen at risk. i noticed the last meeting the conduct of the participants were incriminated upon. the question i would like to propose if a bicyclists had their my case lanes removed on the street there would be such outrage you would have to call in the tax squad. the thing about this the parking spaces are being defended by those people and its endsable. the fact is people only shop once a week in contrast to people they could be making a thousand dollars in a purpose and those parking spaces are always in demand and so to remove them is really very destructive. i feel the bicyclists feeling is today hope street tomorrow the world. it will not hamper bicycling at all also in respect to the accident bicyclists have been struck how many of them went against the red light. we have to statistics about that. and one thi
is also crucial to restoring some semblance of the law and order to the transportation services on the streets in san francisco. and i don't believe that you're being asked yet to decide exactly how their to go distributed but i want to commits on the s program it's a success program. i do note there's a suggestion to reduce the hours but i hope i won't break this successful program. and a (calling names) >> hi i guess i'm stuck in a time warp. some people missed the fact i said a lot of critical things about your people and i'd like to thank attorney morley and others for the battle against the illegal ride sharing services that they took to the c puc. i think the doctor did an excellent study, however, the part about the ride sharing services is very much lacking. someone said there's about 2 thousand of them on the street that's correct. if the cpr allows them to become legal the market for the taxis may totally tank. if you're going to put out 1 hundred and 20 cabs you'll cover it if the thing does tank. thank you very much >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm from
't like that, we were always in the naysayers. this commission affords the possibility that when laws are worked out we can come to the commission and we can be part of the solution rather than going after something looking terrible about it. we would like the same thing going on with mta. we would like you guys to look into that. also, it might be really good to have somebody on the mta board, designated person from small business. our voices are just as important as everybody else. we did then some streets for our customers ; we depend on streets for our deliveries both to and from; dependent streets for the bicyclists to come to and from. we are part of the process. we look forward to the may six hearing. we are here to help you. thank you very much. >> chair adams: thank you very much. will take comments from the commissioneers. >> commissioner o'brien: at the last commission meeting, maybe the one prior, i put a request to have the mta come before the commission and i was curious to know if there was any progress on that? >> we do have the mta scheduled for the may six meetin
to be more contentious. they are all breaking the laws in the city. the infrastructures of decrepit that it is causing problems with everybody and if they would simply improve the surface and repaint the line so we could tell where the road is and where the bike lanes are, and which part is shared and which is not we would do away with 80 percent of the problems and 80 percent of the conflict. i'm hoping that being involved in the task force and continuing to engage with you all and other merchants associations that we can make that much better known to the mta. we could actually make their dollars go a lot further and solve 80 percent of the problem right off the bat. hopefully the this continued dialogue we can impress that upon them and i will take that to the transportation task force as well, which is in the mayor's office. thank again. >> chair adams: let's take public comment on item seven. do we have any members of the public who would like to make additional comments? >> as a presenter -- >> chair adams: any other public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. chris?
about this proposal. presently, there is not adequate enforcement of vehicular laws on bike lanes. i give you valencia street as the most prominent example. it usually has double-parked vehicles on it, interfering with the safe bicycle use of the bike lane. i have concerns -- i've been a private bike user for 20 years and i am concerned that one of the effects of this program might be to discourage private bike use. i don't want to feel any pressure that i can't use my personal bike whenever i so fit. i have some privacy concerns. i believe that you will be monitoring the location of all of these bicycles. i believe the database so created will be out of the control of the users. this is very disturbing and is not consistent with our state constitution for one thing. so, also, we have problems with parking as it is with bikes in san francisco. i can't but help believe that when you implement, if you implement this program, it would make it more difficult for private bike users to safely and legally park their bicycles. thank you. >> thank you very much. is there any additional public
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)